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Jörg Kortmann, CEO

Jörg Kortmann

For more than 20 years Jörg has been passionately enjoying holidays in his own camping buses, which he himself has optimised for his own requirements - among other things, 3 children had to be "built in" over the years. "Besides the holidays" he has been dealing with logistics and manufacturing processes for 20 years before founding PlugVan. Dream destination: First Madagascar and then later something more exotic.

Florian Fey, CMO

Florian Fey

Whether 5,000 km through Chile or once across Scandinavia - Florian has been travelling in a camper since his childhood and knows everything that mobile travelling has to offer, from the small camper to the fully integrated vehicle. In addition, Florian has a lot of enthusiasm for digital marketing. Dream destination: from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego by camper


Max Müller, Production and Quality

Max Müller

Max has discovered his passion for camping in Australia in 2016. There he has travelled many thousands of kilometres in various vehicles, some of which he built himself. Besides he is very interested in Tiny Houses. As a trained industrial mechanic, Max is also our "screwdriver". Dream destination: with his Nissan Micra (35 PS!) to Mongolia.

Kathrin Cirksena, Marketing

Kathrin Cirksena

Kathrin studies primary education in Berlin and cannot imagine a life without climbing, windsurfing, camping and good coffee. Travelling whether by tent, bus, bike or on foot gives her energy for her everyday life. In nature she finds serenity and simplicity - something she often lacks in the hectic big city. At PlugVan Kathrin supports the marketing. Her dream destination: Yosemite National Park (for big wall climbing).

Luise Göttel, Marketing

Luise Göttel

Luise studies Romance Philology in Potsdam and tries to learn other languages which she can use while travelling all over the world. Very important for her: Spanish. Despite a break from traveling this year, she wants to return to South America as soon as possible and continue discovering this wonderful continent, preferably in a camper or a car with a small mattress or in America's first PlugVan! Dream destination: Colombia.

Julia, Marketing

Julia Junghänel

Julia was born in Berlin and is studying - after several years of work in the field of international business and long stays in Asia - primary school education with a focus on natural sciences. She finds her balance mainly in playing beach volleyball as well as other outdoor sports. She is a creative person and likes to work on new projects in her apartment. Dream destination: hiking in the mountains in Nepal and being close to nature in Africa.

Michelle Kuhn, Sales

Michelle Kuhn

Michelle is currently studying German and Linguistics at the University of Potsdam. She can't imagine an everyday life without writing. She also enjoys hiking, swimming and dancing. She likes to spend her free time outdoors in nature, and she also enjoys painting. Dream destination: To live on an island someday and be able to hear the sound of the sea every day!

Axel von Borstel, Production

Axel von Borstel

Axel started building furniture at the age of 15 and built his first camper at 18. After 35 years of working in a company, he rediscovered the craft and started his own business building furniture and kitchens, while assembling kitchens for various kitchen studios on the side. When PlugVan came to his attention, Axel thought: "This is it!" and is now part of the production team! Dream destination: Southern France.

Raffael Bernhardt, Production

Raffael Bernhardt

Raffael is a trained tool mechanic for mould construction and a metal industry foreman. He spent the longest period of his young professional life as an application mechanic in the field of mechanical engineering. He enjoys working in production and creating new things. In his free time, he likes to play his double bass to jazz music and is an enthusiastic US basketball fan. His dream is to own his own jazz bar in Canada someday.

Josefine Hambsch, Marketing & Sales

Josefine Hambsch

Josi is studying educational science and German philology in Braunschweig. With only - more or less - the bachelor's thesis still missing, she is already moving to her dream city Berlin. Besides her studies, she is a dance teacher for the dance styles modern and jazz, but she also loves to dance hip hop. Dream destination: a van tour through Europe.

Mandy Haase, Team assistant

Josefine Hambsch

Mandy was born in Berlin and has been passionate about camping since she was a child. Whether in a camper van, a tent or a trailer - most important is the campsite! Hiking and spending time in nature is her hobby, and she likes to walk 30 km to see something beautiful. Mandy has been supporting the team in the office since her retraining as an office administrator. Dream destination: Northern Lapland or seeing the Northern Lights in the south of Finland.

Natalie Dürr, Production

Natalie Dürr

Natalie is from Berlin, a city kid by heart. But she would also have liked to grow up in the country. She enjoys cycling and loves everything that has to do with crafts and building. For 8 years she worked with metal in a Berlin spectacle factory. At PlugVan she can now also work with other materials. Dream destination: round trip through Western Europe.

Svenn Häger, Production

Josefine Hambsch

Svenn is a non-binary furniture maker and sustainability scientist with a love for Tiny Houses and reusing and recycling resources. In the free time, Svenn likes to build and craft with unusual materials and boulder. Dream destination: Tanzania, New Zealand and living in a self-built houseboat on the outskirts of the city.

Dang Dung Nguyen, Supply Chain Management

Dang Dung Nguyen

Dung is studying industrial engineering in Berlin and works as a student trainee at PlugVan in the area of supply chain management. His favourite drink is bubble tea (just 1 cup of bubble tea can make him happy and excited all day). In addition, travelling is his greatest passion. To travel through Africa and South America, his biggest goal in life is to learn French and Spanish. Dream destination: Colombia and Kenya

Luca Rothbart, Marketing

Luca Rothbart

Luca loves traveling and lives out this passion with the camper across Europe. He has also been backpacking in South-East Asia and enjoyed nature there. On weekends he also passionately tinkers with his own bus and other projects. Dream destination: Diving with whales in New Zealand.

Ole Geister, Product design

Ole Geister

Ole is studying Industrial Product Design in Venlo and is writing his bachelor's thesis as a product designer at PlugVan. He loves to take his Caddy camping, climbing and surfing. Just as much, he likes to think about the next conversion of the Caddy. But whether by car, backpack or bike - the main thing is to get out! Dream destination: By car to Patagonia or by bike to Vietnam.

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