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On the road with the PlugVan camping module

The PlugVan camper on the road...In the summer we received some nice pictures from our customer Thomas Gerdes, who has already taken a few trips with his module. This camping module is not only used as a camper but also as a mobile office in the countryside and as overnight accommodation at autocross races. The camping module can also be viewed on site at Thomas Gerdes. All information can be found here.

The office module for 3.5 t transporters

A new office module for 3.5 t transporters is ready. On one side there is a large, extendable desk with a long work surface that offers plenty of space. Next to it is a lockable cupboard. Opposite is a comfortable bench and more storage space in a high cupboard. The module is completely lockable and has the option of loading with a forklift.

The PlugVan Small Camping Module

The PlugVan Small, the camping module for small vans, transforms a Mercedes Vito, VW T4, T5 or T6.1 and other vehicles into a fully equipped camper and back again in just 5 minutes. The PlugVan system remains the same.

All information on equipment, compatible vehicles and more can be found here.

Workshop module for the minivan class

We now also have the flexible solution for the minivan class - here with Würth equipment. Whether as a frame for self-fitting or as a workshop module - this vehicle type can also be used for several purposes. You can find more info on this page.


Our workshop module in a completely new design: here with elegant Würth equipment! The PlugVan workshop module offers you a lot of advantages: Conversion of the vehicle in 5 minutes, easy handling due to integrated chassis or forklift loading, it fits in almost every 3.5t van, your vehicle can be used multiple times, the module is also suitable for rental vehicles, as no modification to the base vehicle is necessary, individually plannable shelf configuration, modular design according to your own wishes and needs. You can find more information on this page.

PlugVan starts into the summer

This year, PlugVan was once again a guest at the VW press event "Reisemobil Kompetenz" in Vaihingen an der Enz. There, we had the opportunity to exchange ideas with many other innovative developers in the camping sector, who presented their camping modules in idyllic surroundings and had them examined and photographed. Here you can see the result.

Just in time for the start of summer, we took advantage of the good weather to have a few professional photos taken of us and our modules in nature.

Aktuelle PlugVan Übergaben

PlugVan has recently been handing over a number of camping modules to their new travel-loving owners. After the full commitment of the team and the final touches in the workshop, we have delivered the camping modules to our customers. The camping modules are equipped in different ways and the interior is (as always) made in colourful designs. The PlugVans can now travel the world with their new owners, in very different commercial vehicles. You can see some impressions of the last deliveries on the photos.

PlugVan at the VW motorhome event

In the last week of May, we headed south with the PlugVan Life in the Design Gaukler to Vaihingen an der Enz near Stuttgart. There, we exhibited the module for the VW press event "Reisemobil Kompetenz" (Motorhome Competence) and were able to exchange ideas with many other innovative developers in the camping sector. Also there were Frank Eusterholz and the e-Crafter from the North Cape trip, loaded with a PlugVan module in the basic equipment. For two days we all camped together in idyllic surroundings and had our campers examined, photographed and presented. Here you can see some impressions of these days.

With the PlugVan at Lake Nymphene

At chilly temperatures and icy wind we drove with a newly produced camper module, to the Nymphensee lake in Brieselang (near Berlin). The sun was shining and we were in a really good mood. We had perfect conditions to produce new photos and videos of the camper module. We also made ourselves comfortable with cookies and warm lights, and watched the sun disappear behind the trees. We want to share the atmosphere with you. Enjoy a small selection of our shots...

Shooting with PlugVan camper module

For an article in the magazine GUTE FAHRT, our PlugVan camper module was properly staged by photographer Jan Bürgermeister in a real shooting. Real camping feelings come up with this setting.

Our new workshop module

A new workshop module is ready! This time in a different design: The single components and internals were individually adapted to a French customer. In addition to the practical cabinets from Iveco Daily and the removable system cases, this workshop module includes a bench and a high-quality bamboo worktop. You can find more photos and videos on our social media channels.

With a VW e-Crafter camper to the North Cape

With the PlugVan camper module and a VW e-Crafter from Wolfsburg to the northernmost point of Europe! This is exactly what Frank Eusterholz did in August. Over 7500km through Scandinavia with 95 loading stops - with a range of 173km you need leisure while travelling with the e-Crafter. In only 8 days the convinced e-rider reached the North Cape. In wonderful landscapes he enjoyed the loneliness and the great infrastructure for e-vehicles. He proudly sums up "with a diesel, anyone can do it [...] and I am probably the first person who has been travelling to the North Cape with an electrically driven transporter or motor home." You can find videos of the trip on his YouTube channel and here are some photos.

PlugVan at a lake

Out for a day! We went to a lake in Brandenburg and worked from there, cooked a delicious one-pot pasta and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Fancy a one-pot pasta?

  1. Put pasta in a big pot
  2. Cut onions and garlic into strips and put them in the pot together with the chopped tomatoes and oregano.
  3. Add water, some vegetable broth and olive oil
  4. Cook for about 20 minutes, stirring from time to time.
  5. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Enjoy your meal :-)

PlugVan at CMT2020

Also in 2020 we were exhibitor at the CMT and presented our innovations for the first time worldwide. The news: Our PlugVan module with the basic equipment, a PlugVan workshop module (in an eCrafter) with the possibility to load it with a forklift truck, first sketches of the bathroom module and an office module for digital nomads. The fair was again a lot of fun. Great positive feedback and many interested parties - that's what we wish for. One of our highlights: we won the European Innovation Award for sustainability at the CMT!

PlugVan camper module with small sink and folding tables

Our PlugVan camper module with the small water installation and the two simple folding tables. In addition a folding sink! That's the basic equipment. If you like you can add the electric package with 80Ah battery, compressor cooler, nice LED lighting and gas cartridge stove. And of course the lifting roof for a nice standing height.