Questions and answers

In which panel van does my PlugVan fit?

The PlugVan modules are completely separate from the base vehicle. The vehicle can therefore be changed at any time without effort. In addition, the PlugVan modules fit into almost any panel van - regardless of the manufacturer:

  • VW Crafter / MAN TGE
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Fiat Ducato / Peugeot Boxer / Citroën Jumper
  • Opel Movano / Renault Master / Nissan NV 400
  • Ford Transit (nicht alle Modelle)
  • Iveco Daily
  • Hyundai H350

Here you can find a video of the loading process.

What options do I have to use a PlugVan if I don't own a panel van?

If you don't have your own suitable vehicle, you can rent a van on a sharing platform or from a car rental company. Your module transforms the rental car into a camping vehicle or a mobile workshop within 5 minutes.

Where can I view a PlugVan

We would be happy to show you a PlugVan module in Berlin. Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment. We are currently in the process of expanding a dealer network throughout Germany. From spring 2021, you will be able to see a PlugVan camping module at other locations. We are also planning regular roadshows.

Order questions

How long is the delivery time?

Our delivery time is about 3 months.

How binding are delivery dates?

At present, we only guarantee binding delivery dates approximately 4 weeks before the planned delivery. Before that, delivery dates are always non-binding, but we always try to meet them. We are working on confirming delivery dates even earlier in the future.

Where do you deliver?

Currently we deliver your PlugVan within Europe to the place of your choice. Of course you can also pick it up in Berlin. Berlin is always worth a trip!

Where does the manufacturing take place?

The assembly of the PlugVan residential modules and important manufacturing steps currently take place exclusively in Berlin.

Questions about the camper module

Do I have to register my van as a camping vehicle?

No, you don't have to. You just load the PlugVan module into the panel van without making any changes to the vehicle. The module is then secured to the floor batten via lashing straps, so they count as cargo in the transport cab.

How much does a PlugVan camper module cost?

That depends entirely on your individual equipment wishes. We offer the PlugVan Pure model from 12,990 EUR (incl. VAT). Our fully equipped PlugVan Life model is priced at 19,990 EUR (incl. VAT). Here you can find out more about the equipment of the individual models.

Do you offer also a bathroom module?

To make your camping experience even more comfortable, we are currently developing a bathroom module with shower and toilet. This will be available from summer 2021.

Do you offer different designs?

We have three different designs for the PlugVan camper module on offer. Mahi Mahi, Gaukler and Gimpel. More about it here. If there is nothing for you, please contact us and we will see what is possible.

How heavy is a PlugVan?

A camper module with full equipment weighs about 450 kg.

Where can I get electricity?

You charge your camper module at a standard 230 V socket. Up to two 80Ah batteries are installed in the PlugVan. With these you can then be completely self-sufficient on the road for a few days.

Can I load my motorcycle or bicycle into the vehicle together with the PlugVan?

An active vacation in nature often includes a bike, surfboards, climbing equipment & much more in the car. Depending on the length of the van, there is enough storage space for your equipment in front of the PlugVan module.

What are the dimensions of the module?

Variant with lifting roof:

Length: 2.09m
Width: 1.28m (retracted) to 1.88m (extended)
Height: 1.70m (retracted) to 1.98m (extended)
Height with supports: 2.10m

Variant with fixed roof:

Length: 2.09m
Width: 1.28m (retracted) to 1.88m (extended)
Height: 1.70m
Height with supports: 2.10m

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