Questions and answers

What is the advantage of a reservation?

With a reservation you secure a later production slot. If you would like to have a PlugVan next year, you can reserve it now without ordering it. For this you pay a reservation fee of 250 EUR, which will be credited towards a later purchase. If you cancel your reservation, the fee will be fully refunded.

Why is a deposit required when I order a PlugVan?

The PlugVan camper modules are manufactured exclusively to order in Berlin. The deposit will be used to pre-finance the material costs for your order.

How binding are delivery dates?

At present, we do not guarantee delivery dates until about 4 weeks before the planned delivery. Before that, delivery dates are always non-binding, but we always try to keep them. We are working on the point that we can confirm delivery dates even earlier in the future.

How long can I cancel a reservation?

A reservation can be cancelled at any time for a full refund of the reservation fee.

How long can I cancel an order?

1. an order that was submitted online via our website can be cancelled within 14 days. This right applies also to companies.
2. an order that was not placed online (e.g. at a trade fair or in person at our company headquarters) cannot be cancelled, unless a right of revocation was explicitly agreed upon. This enables us to promise shorter delivery dates in individual cases, because otherwise we would have to wait for the revocation period.


What are the payment options?

1. we currently offer payments on account by bank transfer. In the future we will extend the offered payment methods.
2. cash payment is not possible.

Where does the production take place?

The assembly of the PlugVan camper modules and important manufacturing steps take place exclusively in Berlin.

What does it mean that the presentation of goods on the website is not binding?

This is a very common formulation from the GTC right which serves to give the offerer the possibility to examine in an on-line order process first the orders before these become obligatory for him. In our case, there are a number of factors that we must check first, such as the place of residence of the purchaser (especially the country of residence or company headquarters) or the place of delivery. For this reason, we have decided that only this type of presentation of goods makes sense for us.

Where do you deliver?

1. we currently only deliver to customers in Germany and Austria, this applies also for the confirmations of orders. This is due to the fact that European directives require us to provide a user manual in the official language of the country. At the moment this is only available in German.
2. however, we accept reservations from all over the world. The desired delivery dates in the reservations give us important information about which markets we should prefer to serve in the future. For this purpose, we will make individual contact with reservations from other countries to discuss how we can meet a delivery request as soon as possible.

Why are there differences between the product descriptions on the website and the delivered product?

This is primarily due to the fact that we are constantly working on the further development of our products. In most cases, this involves detailed improvements, which we want to incorporate into our series products as soon as possible. We proceed very carefully, because we want satisfied customers.

Is it possible to change my reservation or order?

In this case, please contact us an we will check your individual offer.

What is the minimum age for an order?

We deliver only to persons of full age and full legal capacity or to companies.

Notes on the sales process



1. we try to consider your required delivery date

2. we currently only guarantee a binding delivery about 4 weeks before the planned delivery.

3. before that our delivery dates are always non-binding - but we always try to keep them.

4. only after receipt of a down payment of at least 50% of the reservation total value we release the production of your product.

5. with the order you express your intention to purchase the ordered product.

6. if you want to decide otherwise, you can cancel the order within 14 days (applies to consumers and companies, but only for online orders).

7. by making a reservation, you indicate that you are seriously interested in ordering the selected product, but that you need more time to decide.

8. by making a reservation, you ensure an earlier delivery date for a later order. We keep a production slot for you. You are able to cancel it at any time for a full refund.

9. reservations expire if no reservation fee has been received after 15 days

10. reservations expire if they have not been converted into an order 90 days before the non-binding delivery date

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