Retro-Camper: PlugVan meets Cavelani

Our partner ACT - Special Car Center from Switzerland represented us at the Suisse Caravan Salon 2021. There is a YouTube video from German Television in which you can watch PlugVan from minute 4:10. There's also a special conversion of a Citroën Jumper, the so-called "Citroën Caselani Type H". In combination with a PlugVan camping module, this becomes a real eye-catcher...

PlugVan at Vanlife Ferropolis 2021

From 16 to 18 July, the YouTuber Jörn from DRIVE.EAT.SLEEP. took one of our PlugVan camping modules to the Vanlife Ferropolis camping event. A special kind of festival that takes place at Gremminer See in Saxony-Anhalt. In this video, Jörn is testing a PlugVan module for a weekend...

Our latest camper module

In this video Florian guides you through our latest camper module. He shows you all the details of the interior of the fully equipped PlugVan.

The new workshop module

In this video Max presents our new workshop module. The individual components and fixtures were individually adapted to the customer from France. In addition to the practical cabinets from Iveco Daily and the removable system cases, there is a bench and a high-quality bamboo worktop in this workshop module.

PlugVan expansion

The side walls and roof of the PlugVan can be extended to adapt to the height and width of the vehicle. This makes the entire interior usable.

We show CamperTobi our PlugVan workshop module

In this video we show the CamperTobi how the PlugVan workshop module is equipped. We explain him the mobile workshop with a flexible bed and a folding table. There are also many extras that make the working day or the days on assembly pleasant.

Loading process and small room tour

In this video we show and explain how to load the PlugVan module and we explain the improvements we made to the supports and the loading device. We also take a small room tour of the PlugVan and show various equipment details.

We show CamperTobi our PlugVan module

CamperTobi is visiting our booth at the Auto Camping Caravan 2020 in Berlin. We show him how to load the PlugVan module.

How to load the PlugVan modules

A van turns in just 5 minutes into a camper van? Here you see how to load our modules into an empty van.

Animation loading process

The idea: one size fits all! An empty van + PlugVan module = camper, mobile workshop or goods transporter.