PlugVan frame and platform for panel vans

The PlugVan platform with or without frame structure enables an individual vehicle extension that can be designed according to individual wishes. The frame and the platform are not permanently installed in the vehicle, but can simply be loaded or unloaded in 5 minutes. Whether camper, workshop, office or completely different ideas - the platform is the basis and gives you complete freedom to equip the vehicle yourself. Available as a kit or assembled.

Price: from 5.490 € (net)


Frame for 3.5 t class

External dimensions:
Length: 209 cm
Height: 167 cm
Width: 128 - 172 cm

Weight: 150 kg
Max. Load: 800 kg

Platform for 3.5 t class

External dimensions:
Length: 209 cm
Width: 128 cm

Weight:  kg
Max. Load: 800 kg


2 in 1

With the PlugVan frame, you can also use your vehicle for other purposes, e.g. empty or with another module.

stay flexible

You can remove the PlugVan frame yourself and thus customise your vehicle.


Optionally selectable: uprights, base plate, heavy-duty pull-outs, 12V electrical wiring; frame colour of choice

These are our standard dimensions. Special designs can also be built - feel free to send us an email with your request!


Interested in the PlugVan frame or platform for 3.5 t transporters?


Further questions about the frame or the platform? Feel free to email us at!