The logistics solution for minivans

The PlugVan platform is the perfect logistics solution for transporting goods. In just 3 minutes, an entire wagon load can be loaded into and unloaded from the vehicle by just one person. This also makes it easy to transport the goods outside the vehicle.

This means that the empty vehicle can also be used for other purposes and a forklift truck is no longer necessary.

Kastenwagen mit Würth Werkstatteinrichtung


Icon stopwatch PlugVan fast conversion
Fast conversion

The logistics module can be loaded in just 3 minutes. Perfect for quick deployment.

stay flexible
One size fits all

The module can be quickly changed between vehicles and can thus be used flexibly.

2 in 1

The vehicle can also be used for other purposes.

Interested in a logistics solution for minivans?

Do you need a flexible logistics solution for your goods transporter?

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