PlugVan platform for minivans


The PlugVan platform with or without heavy-duty pull-outs enables an individual vehicle extension of the van, which can be designed according to individual wishes. The platform is not permanently installed in the vehicle, but can simply be loaded or unloaded in 5 minutes. Whether camper, workshop, office or completely different ideas - the platform is the basis and gives you complete freedom to equip the vehicle yourself.

Platform with heavy-duty pull-outs

Price: from 4.890 EUR (net)

Exterior dimensions:
Length: 209 cm
Width: 120 - 164 cm

Weight: 110 kg
Max. Load: 800 kg

Kastenwagen mit Würth Werkstatteinrichtung

Platform for minivans

Price: from 2.490 EUR (net)

Exterior dimensions:
Length: 202 cm
Width: 122 cm

Weight: 60 kg
Max. Load: 400 kg

Kastenwagen mit Würth Werkstatteinrichtung



The platform can be expanded according to individual needs.

2 in 1

No changes necessary in the vehicle - further possibility of use.

stay flexible
One size fits all

The solution fits into any van and can be swapped between vehicles when worn or available.

Interested in a PlugVan platform for minivans?

Do you have any further questions about the various options of the self-conversion for minivans? Feel free to send us an e-mail and we will advise you on our product and develop an optimal solution for your vehicle together with you.