One panel van -
many opportunities

We develop solutions for a flexible and sustainable use of commercial vehicles. With the modules of PlugVan every panel van becomes a camper, a mobile workshop, a goods transporter or a mobile office. The conversion takes only 5 minutes and can be done by one person. Load it up, lash it, ready! Everything without any changes to the basic vehicle.


The advantages
of the PlugVan modules

With the PlugVan modules you can use your transporter for various purposes. A conversion in only 5 minutes and afterwards you can remove the module pretty easily. This way you remain flexible and you can continue to use your vehicle as a transporter and additionally as a camper van, workshop, goods transporter or mobile office.

Fast conversion

You can load the PlugVan module into the empty panel van in 5 minutes without any changes on the vehicle. Perfect for a quick use.

Stay wherever you want

Vans can be seen everywhere - so you can also park “undercover“ in the city and remain flexible with your parking space.

For every panel van

Because the PlugVan module fits in every panel van, you can switch between vehicles. No matter if it's because of wear and tear, availability or other reasons.

2 in 1

With the PlugVan module you can continue to use your van as a transporter and additionally as a camper, workshop or office.

Always flexible

Each PlugVan module is individually configurable. The modules can be adapted to your personal ideas.

Lots of storage space

Next to your PlugVan there is enough space for all the things you usually store in the trailer. For example your tools, luggage or bicycles.

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